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How to Buy GREEN and WIN

05Oct20 How to Buy GREEN and WIN


The green revolution is a double-edged sword.

On one side you have a group of Globalists (Cough! Klaus Schwab, Cough! Bill Gates, Cough! Cough! George Soros, Hairball Cough!) trying to jam their Green New World Order down our throats 24/7 by eliminating the use of fossil fuels worldwide.

Their true agenda is more about lowering the population, installing a 1984 Stasi style hierarchy, and tracking everyone everywhere so they can tax you on everything and anything possible.


So, they can bail out the bankrupt governments who can’t pay the pensions promised to millions around the world.

On the other side you have a legitimate case for solar energy/electric cars, and replacing the power grid with 21st century technology breakthroughs.

However, it’s still not efficient enough to replace good-old fossil fuels…yet.

China is way ahead of the curve in that they’ve been implementing solar energy into their entire infrastructure build-out…especially the design of the New Silk Road aka: Belt-Road-Initiative (BRI).

(We wrote about it in 2017, 2018, 2019 HERE).

Their appetite for solar power is unlike anywhere else on the planet.  And they already dominate the market for photovoltaics.

“In Plain English,” Photovoltaics is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials.

A novel idea, indeed.

So, how do you invest in GREEN technology and make money?

Check that.

What is the easiest and most simple way to buy GREEN and win?

If you look at why Photovoltaics is an absolute need to produce solar energy, you must then look at what components are necessary to produce the conversion of light into electricity.

And the answer is sooooo simple that you’ll need someone to help you misunderstand it.


The most reflective metal on the planet is SILVER.

Let’s do the math.

There is not enough silver mined every year to meet the demand of China’s – let alone the rest of the world – need for the shiny metal.

Therefore, Silver – and especially Silver mining stocks – are extremely cheap.

Be sure to read Silver is the New Green in the Short and Sweet Tips column of the October issue of “…In Plain English.”

In our humble opinion, it’s a no-brainer that could easily create fortunes for those with Ears to Hear.


It’s Not Just About Finance.






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