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How Simple Math Helps You Make a Fortune


When it comes to math, many people struggle.

That can be a real problem when you’re trying to make money by investing.

That’s why we like simple math.

Unfortunately, Wall Street loves to complicate things.  It’s how they continue to pick your pockets.

So, for simplicity sake we want to show you how to use simple math to make lots of money.

Take this quiz:  What would you rather do?


  • Buy a stock trading for $15 if it suddenly drops down to $9.45
  • Or buy a stock trading for $155 if it suddenly drops down to $97.65?


Before you say, “It depends” let’s say that both companies have nothing wrong with them.  They’ve simply become greatly discounted and are now very cheap.

Are you with me so far?


Regardless of your answer, you’ve made a good choice because both investments are a good choice.


Do the math.  $9.45 is a 37% discount to $15.00 and $97.65 is a 37% discount to $155.

Why do I bring this up?

If you act before midnight TONIGHT you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for only $9.45 (With no contract and cancel if you don’t like it).

Or, you can buy our annual membership for $97.65 which equals to $8.14 per month…that’s an additional 14% discount to the $9.45.

Divide this by 30 days and you’re talkin’ $0.27 cents per day to get ideas and perspectives from behind the curtain on Wall Street that can make you tons of money.

Another question…if less than a $100 investment can help you make multiple thousands of dollars, shouldn’t you take advantage of it?

The clock is ticking…these discounted prices end at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

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