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How Global “Cooling” Changes Everything



“Did he just mention Global COOLING?”

“But…But…everyone knows the world’s coming to an end soon unless we fix global warming/climate change…

“And that idiot Donald Trump is the only leader in the world who pulled out of the Paris climate change summit…What are we going to do?”

Is it just me, or are you sick of hearing about “Global Warming?”

I understand the disciples of Global warming have changed the term to “Climate Change,” but isn’t that one of the dumbest things you’ve ever heard?

Yes, the climate does change.  And it’s been changing forever.

So, what’s up with the constant name changing?

To me, the term “climate change” serves several purposes.

  • It sounds innocent/politically correct, (making it easier for it’s backers to shove it down your throat).

  • It opens the doors for a select few to gouge governments for billions of taxpayer dollars.

  • It covers the lies these fools preach to us and can’t prove.

If you want answers to this ongoing fraud, you must start with an old Wall Street adage: “Follow the Money.”

Seriously, look and see who profits most from “Global Warming?”

Better yet, how have you benefitted from all the money that’s being wasted on the scam of the century?

Don’t you realize that the Wall Street “Club” has enough money to bribe anyone to say anything?  (Including prominent scientists, World leaders, and even prominent religious figureheads?)

Eventually they’ll reverse their opinion and say how Global Cooling is going to destroy the earth.

And you can bet they will profit from it.

And YOU can too.

The December issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English shows you the easiest way to profit from the Climate change scam.

Get your copy (HERE).

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