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How Discrimination Helped Build America

Okay, before you jump to conclusions, hear me out on this one.


If you have family members who came to America from a foreign country (hoping to find the American dream) you’ll know what I mean when I describe how they were discriminated against.


This is especially true for the multitude of European immigrants that came here in the early 1900’s.


The rule was simple…if you wanted to work, you had to learn English.


Communicating in the English language enabled you to adapt (and assimilate) to our culture.  The results?  You reaped the benefits of the land of the free.


If you didn’t speak the language, you limited your success.


So, in plain English, that meant you were discriminated against.


It sounds unfair but this “discrimination” helped transform America into the greatest industrial nation in history.


The same principles apply to us if we were to go to another country and try to be successful.


If you understand the language and culture of a foreign country, you increase your chances of success exponentially.


So, what’s this have to do with investing?


I’m glad you asked…


Wall Street has its own language.  And if you don’t understand it, YOU WILL BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.


The boyz in “The Club” count on it.


When you take time to learn the Wall Street “language” you won’t end up   like a sheep surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves.


Be like the immigrants who took time to “learn the language” and helped make America great.


Avoid financial discrimination today by checking out our column “Wall Street’s Hidden Language Revealed” (HERE)


You’ll thank us later.


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