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How Did Iran Hack Pennsylvania?

In case you missed it, Iran hacked Pennsylvania’s water system earlier this week.


Cyber AV3ngers, the alleged Iranian hacker group, somehow managed to breech the security system of the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa.


Ironically (or NOT) the Aliquippa system operates on Unitronics…which is owned by Israeli entities.


Congressman Chris Deluzio announced in a statement that “the water is still safe to drink.”

And that “that there has been no loss of water service for folks.”

And as per the usual political rhetoric, Deluzio went on to say:  “Attacks on our critical infrastructure like water are unacceptable.”


That reminds me of how after the markets crash, the Wall Street Banksters say: “I’m Shocked I tell you, Shocked! Who could’ve foreseen this happening.” 


On a personal note, Deluzio is delusional.




There are many municipalities along the East Coast of America who also use Unitronics.


And the hackers have posted on X:


“Every equipment made in Israel is Cyb3rAvengers legal target!”  “The CyberAv3ngers will continue their activities, and the worst is coming.”



Imagine that! CyberAv3ngers has a social media profile.


As a result, you can expect Nikki Haley to up her game on censoring social media and attacking Elon Musk.


But Musk will most likely say to her what he said to his advertisers when they recently tried to cancel him…    








Iran Hacked Pennsylvania



In the past we have heard reports of Iranian groups attacking US bases constantly.


But what is really disturbing about this attack is that targeting America from within is a new war strategy that our country may be unprepared to handle.


And now that attacks from Iran are increasing, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s 2023 Annual Threat Assessment finally acknowledges the growing threat of cyber-attacks from Iran.


Iran’s growing expertise and willingness to conduct aggressive cyber operations make it a major threat to the security of U.S. and allied networks and data. Iran’s opportunistic approach to cyber-attacks makes critical infrastructure owners in the United States susceptible to being targeted,” the report noted.


Translation:  Iran and the US have secretly been at war since this Israel-Palestine situation began, and now, Iran is targeting US infrastructure.


And as we have said in the past… New wars need not be fought with bombs and bullets.


The war has arrived at our doorstep, and the enemy can attack us without stepping foot on our soil.


And it’s truly laughable to think that 0% of the migrants released into our country have ties to terrorism.


Question:  Are you ready for when the next terrorist attack occurs?


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