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How Criminality and Narcissism are Alike

Maybe the subject line should read “Why Wall Street and Politicians are Alike,” but that might offend someone.

Oh, wait!

Never mind.

Criminality and narcissism aren’t interchangeable terms but they’re closely related.

The checkbook of a narcissist or recidivist (repetitive criminal) is always balanced, but at someone else’s expense.

Example #1:  How many bankers have been convicted of fraud in the last 10 years?

Example #2:  How many politicians have been held accountable for allowing these banksters to commit fraud in the last 10 years?

Who ends up paying for this?

See my point?

What’s worse is, none of these creeps have even been brought up on charges let alone prosecuted or convicted for their crimes against the people they supposedly serve.

Why aren’t we screaming from the rooftops about this?

Have we become so complacent that we no longer care?  Or are we just lazy?

There’s way too many crimes committed by Politicians and bankers that never get any coverage by the media.


Is it because they’re all in on the game together?

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