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How Can You Cover So Much Material?

Recently, a Premium Subscriber named Mitch, commented on our emails and asked a question.

“Mr. Vincent, I enjoy reading your emails everyday and I have a question.  How do you come up with so much material to write about?”

Well Mitch, the answer is really simple.  We have an endless supply of material based on several things.

  • Everyday something happens in the markets that’s worthy of your observation.

  • We filter that information based on over 108 years’ experience on Wall Street and present it to you in a simple and easy way to understand. (We separate the wheat from the chaff)

  • We know what Wall Street doesn’t want you to know and believe you have a right to see how the “Club” operates behind the curtain.

  • We know our information benefits you in the grand scheme of things…that’s why we give it away FREE.

But don’t get us wrong, Mitch.  As you know, we always promote our premium newsletter Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.

It’s for people like you who see the big picture and want to learn more about how to Connect the Dots on the global scale.

That way you learn how to make decisions based on UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET and not on your emotions.

We hope that everyone reading our emails profits from them.  And we encourage you to continue sharing them with your friends and family members.  (Especially if you have a “cousin Eddie”).

Or send them this link (HERE).

They’ll thank YOU later.

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