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Guess Who Needs $46 Trillion to Survive?

Sometimes you gotta wonder how people can be so blind to the truth.

I’m talking about how a recent announcement was totally overlooked by the Fake Stream Media.

Seriously, this should’ve been front page news across America.  It will be one of the greatest financial crises in US history…and it’s astonishing how little attention it’s received.

The numbers are clear and speak for themselves.  The US government admits that the long-term Social Security shortfall is over $46 Trillion. (In other words, Social Security needs a $46 Trillion bailout.)

Let’s do the math.  That’s over twice the national debt and roughly three times the size of the US economy.

So, even if our not-so-friendly leaders in Washington taxed everyone at 100% of their income, we’d still be waayyyy underfunded.

Why is this not front-page news?

I’ll tell you why.  They want it swept under the rug until they can come up with another creative way to steal more money from you and me.

When DC gets desperate, they default to what they know best.  They’ll start a new war or create new stealth taxes (like Obamacare) that undermines every American that tries to save money.

Here’s what aggravates me the most.  They NEVER admit they’re wrong.

And what’s worse, the solutions to the problems always creates newer and bigger problems.

Even if you’re not depending on Social Security for retirement you need to be pro-active.

If you have a good financial advisor that you trust, ask them about a self-directed IRA as an alternative for retirement accounts.

If you don’t have an advisor, read How to Find a Financial Advisor That’s Right for You. (HERE)

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