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Great Spirits Encounter Violent Opposition

Today’s subject line is a partial quote from Albert Einstein that reads: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” 


Such is the case with Donald Trump and his recent victory in New Hampshire.


And despite all the hatred towards Trump…from mediocre minds…he had an historic turnout for Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.


In the process, he set another record with 300,000 votes* cast in the purple state.

And (once again) sent Nikki Nimarata Randahawa Haley to the woodshed.


(* Note:  The previous high-watermark was 287,000.)





Even the uber liberal NY Times had to admit:


“The exceptionally high turnout on Tuesday underscores the electrifying effect Mr. Trump has on the electorate, driving loyal supporters and determined opposition to the polls as his divisive style of politics both inspires and revolts.”



Ironically (or NOT) some things never change.

And that couldn’t be more obvious today when you look at how politicians respond to the citizens they “supposedly” serve.


Unfortunately, they seem to think they have authority over us and ignore the will of “we the people.” 



They hate the fact that Trump is Back.



And, love him or hate him, Trump represents the great spirit of America that is standing up to violent opposition.



Violent Opposition



Sad to say from this point on you should expect more violent opposition against Trump.



READ:  An Open Threat Without Consequences… (HERE)



And the Trump haters will up their tactics of lulling Americans to sleep with the help of Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for Presstitutes.


Their reasoning?


If you can keep emotions boiling with a steady stream of unimportant issues, then only a tiny fraction of the sheeple will have the ability to think and act regarding to the bigger issues.


Ironically (or NOT) at this time of the year, NFL football has taken center stage.

But the reality is that football is a major unimportant thing to worry about.  


And you can tell how the masses have become dumbed down and thoroughly distracted by the Presstitutes when the dominant issues of the day involve unimportant actions by unimportant people doing unimportant things.



Remember:  Washington DC has been in bed with Wall Street for over 100 years.


And the Boyz in the “Club” are masters of distractions to control your thoughts.


So, learn how to see past the distractions and Listen to What the Markets are telling you.  (HERE)


And share this with a friend.  They’ll thank YOU later.



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