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Govt Drug Addicts Refuse to Surrender Power

If you’ve been paying attention to healthcare costs in America, you can’t overlook the fact that we have an epidemic of drug addiction.

Consider the following:

  • Rising healthcare costs today are not just a by-product of Obamacare. The heroin epidemic is now front and center.

  • Increased heroin addicts are a by-product of cheap heroin.

  • Cheap heroin is a result of the US presence in Afghanistan.

Wait! What?

Did you actually believe that we’ve been fighting some kind of war in Afghanistan for the last 18 years?

What enemy have we been fighting?

Didn’t we kill Osama bin Laden?

(It still amazes me that the Obama administration duped the public into thinking “We Got Osama” and gave him “…a traditional Muslim burial at sea.”  Who ever heard about Muslims having a tradition of being buried at sea?…but that’s another topic for another time).

The point is we have a major drug epidemic (heroin) in America and its roots are in the governments addiction to power.

Yes, they’re junkies.  And many have become rich junkies from the profits coming from Afghanistan’s opium.

And, like all junkies, they don’t see themselves as having a problem.

Instead, they have the audacity to act as if “we the people” are their servants and must do and think as they do.

Career politicians are a bane on humanity.  They’ve forgotten that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS.  Their job is to serve us and not the opposite.

Unless we turn this mentality around, the government junkies will continue abusing their power and not do anything about the real drug addiction in America.

Maybe you know someone who’s lost a family member to opiates.  If so, why not share this post with them.

Change begins with awareness.

Awareness leads to action.

It’s time to Re-think everything.

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