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Govt Corruption Knows No Boundaries

Corrupt government officials don’t just destroy someone and disappear.

They may lay low for a while but eventually they resurface.

And the damage these creeps inflict upon you, me, and every other tax payer is off the charts.

Just ask the former largest accounting firm in the world, Arthur Anderson, about how our government operates.

In 2002 the government filed charges against Arthur Anderson for obstruction of justice in the Enron scandal and successfully put them out of business.

The reason I bring up the Anderson bankruptcy is because the players responsible for their demise are once again working behind the scenes in a high-profile “obstruction of justice” case.

You probably don’t remember the prosecutors who spearheaded the case and ILLEGALLY put Anderson out of business.

Their names were Andrew Weissman and Michael Dreeben.  (More on them later).

When the case finally made it to the Supreme Court, they Unanimously overruled what the government prosecutors had done.

Unfortunately, the firm was destroyed in the process…Along with the jobs of nearly 100,000 professionals.

So, why is this important today?

Fast forward to 2018 and you’ll discover the same two prosecutors (Weissman and Dreeben) are the right and left hand of Robert Mueller, who is going after Trump.

(You can’t make this stuff up).

The stakes are very high.  And if Trump is illegally convicted (just like Arthur Anderson) you’ll see Wall Street fall apart like a two-dollar suitcase.

Remember, markets are all about confidence.  And when confidence in Government fails, social unrest is not far behind.  The next step is tyranny.

Have you taken steps to offset this possible loss of confidence?

If not, go (HERE) now.


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