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Govt and Taxes Will Kill the Internet

Governments rely on consumers taxes.


So, as more stores vanish you can bet, they’ll be coming after vendors on the internet.

This is nothing new.

Greedy politicians have attempted this in the past and you can bet your bottom tax dollar they’ll continue in the future.

This, along with out of control spending, is what’s destroying confidence in government.

The question for these greedy politicians is: “What part of  ‘robbing people of disposable income will lead to riots’ don’t’ you get?”

Here’s the irony.  The internet is not merely the next advancement in society.  It’s the key to a whole new world in the labor market.

Young people are (and should be) looking to technology instead of old traditional jobs, if they want to have a future.

Yet, our bankrupt government wants to get their sticky fingers on every dollar that passes through the internet.

Meanwhile, in China, President Xi has invited the rest of the world (excluding the US) to cooperate with Beijing in developing a new internet.

(See what trade wars can do?)

It’s not surprising when you realize the White House is considering a Huawei-style ban on companies building a competitor to the WWW crowd.

Bottom line: As Washington steps up its aggressive trade rhetoric, Beijing is stepping up its efforts to recruit more geopolitical allies to free itself of its reliance on American tech.

At the same time, they’re reminding the world that they can create serious disruptions in the global supply chain with very little effort.

This increased effort to tax companies on the internet will only accelerate the transition of the World Reserve Currency to China.

One day the sheeple will wake up and say “How did this happen.”

Don’t be one of those sheeple.

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You’ll thank us later.

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