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Google Admits “They Messed Up”

The fiasco surrounding Google’s Gemini AI has gotten to the point that Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted that they messed up.


But while Brin did not apologize for their historical inaccuracies and woke biases in Gemini, he said the problems occurred was mostly due to not thorough testing. 







“We thought the uneducated masses wouldn’t notice. So now we have to lie about everything while we make some adjustments and come up with some better Woke camouflage.”



And Brin’s comments about “not thorough testing” don’t pass the smell test (no pun intended),




Because last week we addressed Google’s “testing” of Gemini when we said:


Ironically (or NOT) Google’s excuse for being late entering the AI game was that they were “fine-tuning Gemini” to remove stereotypes.



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And we also said you should start selling now while the price is still high.



Sell Google?


You Cannot Be Serious.


We are definitely serious.



They Messed Up




And guys like Sergey Brin will make it a point to praise how Google handles this fiasco.




It will allow him to dump millions of his own shares before more bad news surfaces.


This is shaping up to be a classic Wall Street “pump and dump” scenario.


And don’t be surprised if you start to see more Conspiracy Theory/wing-nut case stories surface about the Satanic workings/background of Google.


Don’t believe me?


Check out the following link.


Google Play and the Sigil of Satan:×576.jpg



And don’t forget Google ‘Adreno’ graphics processing and web browser ‘Chrome’. Together = Adrenochrome. 


There are no coincidences folks.



And if you decide to do your own “fact checking” about Adrenochrome, beware that it is Extremely Creepy Stuff.


Ironically (or NOT) this entire mess is good news at this point.




Because it means Google won’t make radical changes in their organization and therefore, like Disney, they are doomed to failure.


As a result, we should let these corporations die the death they deserve and move on to startups and others who will make products that people actually want.


BTW and In Case You Missed It… Sergey (((Brin))) is the guy who held emergency meetings to ensure Google did its bit in “fortifying” democracy in 2021.


And he is the same guy who did his best to see that dangerous “misinformation” about the “vaccines” did not reach our tender little minds.


So, if you need more reason to dump Google stock, be sure to read our Short and Sweet Tips column in our February issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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