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Getting Fat on the Banks of the Potomac

A new government-funded study shows obesity in America is getting worse: 40% of adults and 20% of kids in the U.S. now qualify as obese.

As sad as these numbers are, they pale by comparison to the number of politicians who are getting fatter on our tax dollars.

Oh, Wait!

Did I offend someone by using the word “fat?”

I’ve been told that the politically correct term for fat is “size challenged.”


Being politically correct has never been my strong suit.

And you too, should be offended if you have to worry about everything you say might offend someone.

So, while we’re on the fat subject, let’s look at how our politicians have escaped the anorexia curse at our expense.

Because obesity is at an all time high you shouldn’t be surprised that health care coverage has skyrocketed.  (Even if you’re thin you must pay higher premiums to cover higher medical costs…thanks Obamacare).

Nor should you be surprised that “Government studies” have forced hospitals into tearing out wall-mounted toilets, replacing them with floor mounted toilets to support the extra weight of obese people.  Or, putting wider seats in public places like bus tops or sports stadiums.

The Federal Transit Administration continues to want buses tested for the impact of heavier riders on their steering and braking.  They also claim that cars are burning over a billion more gallons of gasoline than they did in the 60s when people weighed less.


Aren’t cars supposedly more efficient today than in the 60s?

Bottom line is, federally mandated changes not only costs you money, it lines the pockets of politicians who, in turn, help certain industries profit by these changes.

Washington’s not going to change but you can learn how to profit from these “political favors” by following the money.

We’ll show you how (HERE).


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