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From the Peanut Gallery

Who out there remembers the Peanut Gallery?


From Wikipedia:



A peanut gallery was, in the days of vaudeville, a nickname for the cheapest and ostensibly rowdiest seats in the theater, the occupants of which were often known to heckle the performers.



First, we want to apologize if you have experienced any disruptions in our daily emails.


It seems that someone doesn’t like what we’re publishing.

And our emails are somehow being notified as spam.

But the fact that someone/thing doesn’t want you to see what we’re publishing confirms that we must be saying something that rattles someone’s cage.


WE like that.


Ironically (or NOT) we’re seeing more commentary from readers on various subjects that get some or no coverage from the Presstitutes.

Not sure if the comments are related but we like them as well.

And quite frankly, most of the comments are quite astute, insightful, funny, sarcastic, often rowdy and spot on.


As a result, we decided to share some of these weekly comments for your reading pleasure.


And we’ll call it…



Comments From the Peanut Gallery




RE: Argentina Downsizing…


Argentina president Javier Gerardo Milei is simply kicking a** in his relentless pursuit of downsizing their government.

Argentina is a lot like Rome in that their government employees bankrupted the nation.  And it was because the didn’t produce anything but rather consumed wealth. (we’re on the same path)

This is the difference between private workers and those employed by government.

One produces economic growth while the other is a public servant consuming wealth generated by others.


Unfunded liabilities are destroying nations globally. 


Milei saw the repercussions sooner than others and is now making a meaningful change.




RE:  Ashley Biden diary…



Project Veritas was raided before they could publish the full diary.  And the woman who sold it (Aimee Harris) to Project Veritas forfeited her $20,000 profit as well.  She now is sentenced to one month in prison.

But, prior to the sentence, intelligence agencies confiscated all evidence, forced Ashle Biden to claim she lied, and then denied the authenticity of the diary.


If they cannot verify its authenticity, why are they seeking to imprison those who found it four years later when Joe is up for re-election?




RE:  Lizzo saying she Quit music…


Lizzo clarified on Tuesday that she was not quitting the music industry, days after her social media post … writing that she was “starting to feel like the world doesn’t want me in it.”


But what she really needs to quit is the all you can eat buffet line.

Because if your waist is larger than the distance from your shoulders to the ground then you shouldn’t be offended if someone calls you fat.


And please stop the twerking.


It looks like a dog in heat ramming a pillow!






Thanks again to the Peanut Gallery participants… and keep the comments coming.


You never know who will be affected by what you have to say.


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