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From Capitalism to Socialism to Tyranny

History is often the greatest teacher of all.

All you need to do is learn from it and you’ll avoid having it repeat itself.

Unfortunately, human nature never changes.

Look at Europe.

It’s a classic example of how capitalism has devolved into socialism which leads to tyranny.  It’s also like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

They’ve allowed millions of “refugees” to invade their countries without having the means to support them.

That’s like you having several families move into your home and only one person has a job to support the whole group.  It just doesn’t work.

The difference is Europe’s refugees are mostly young to middle aged men and not families with women, children and/or grandparents.

These people have no incentive to work because Germany’s been giving them handouts from the beginning.  And Germany has been forcing other nations in the Eurozone to do the same.

So now, the citizens of Italy, France, Spain, etc. are fed up to… (hold your hand above your head), HERE and are starting to rebel.  Their productivity is in decline and their standard of living is suffering because the working class is sick of having to pay for the refugees.

Do you see the pattern?  Socialism NEVER works.

Instead it leads to tyranny which brings about revolution.  We’re seeing it in the form of Italy and France both wanting to exit the Eurozone (following the footsteps of Great Brittan).

Ironically, this forces money to flee from Europe because money ALWAYS runs from Tyranny to find the safest spot.  And (for the time being) the good ole USA is still the safest place on the earth.

See how this affects our markets going forward (HERE).



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