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Freezing Temps Vs New Green Deal

While 80% of the America faces below freezing temps, the globalists have descended into Davos – on their private jets – to discuss climate change…and how they can eliminate the least desirable carbon — YOU.


And, like every year at this time, they will plot how to limit the public’s usage of essential resources while focusing on their New Green Deal.

Unfortunately, and in the process, causing people worldwide to suffer under the belief that they must go without to save the world.


But here is the problem with that flawed thinking.


The New Green Deal has become deadly in America.


And the climate change initiatives threaten civilization at large.


Ironically (or NOT) extreme weather highlights the importance of fossil fuels, as there is NO reliable alternative.



Severe Freezing Temps Affects




Tesla owners in Chicago are starting to figure this out.


Here’s their dilemma… they have been unable to charge their vehicles due to the extreme cold.

And the frigid temperatures have caused the charging stations to become congested with non-charging and abandoned cars, leading to a challenging situation for the owners.


Ironically (or NOT) cold weather, in general, will hurt the ability of electric vehicles to charge properly, requiring the battery to be preconditioned to accept a fast charge.


And despite all of this, the US government wants to implement electric school buses and military vehicles.




Maybe the Boyz in Davos will come up with their new version of the angry teenaged Greta (“How Dare You”) Thunberg to try and shame everyone into compliance to their nefarious agenda.







Or Maybe the over 150 million Americans – under a winter chill advisory due to life-threatening temperatures – will give the Boyz in Davos the finger.


Or Maybe…JUST MAYBE…the Boyz in Davos/globalists will finally see how they can never convince free thinkers that they must save the planet by limiting indispensable resources.

Especially resources that are essential for certain states and nations to remain inhabitable.


In the meantime, good ole reliable coal mines and pipelines remain lifesavers to millions of people around the world.


And if you haven’t read how all of this will affect energy prices in 2024, then be sure to read our January issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE). 


CAUTION:  It may disturb your thinking process.


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