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Flashback…Germany Late 1930s

With all the advancement in technology, medicine, and communications we have seen in the last few decades, we sense an eerie similarity to Germany in the late 1930s.




By comparison, our standard of living is far superior to back then.


But…and this is a very VERY Big Butt…


Our social and political world today should be of great concern for anyone who has studied history.


First, and foremost, we are seeing history repeat in the form of corrupt and deviant leaders who are hell bent on arresting their political opponents.







And if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m referring to the resurgence of medical tyranny in the form of Covid threats, mask mandates, and future lockdowns.


Along with medical tyranny you can expect the Great Reset Boyz to push harder for 15-minute-cities.


Because they become the perfect host to keep people in one place, under control, and dependent on government to take care of them.


But the truth is they will be a modern-day version of “internment camps” where people won’t be able to fight back.


READ: 15-Minute Cities Revealed/Exposed May 8, 2023 (HERE).


Think I’m exaggerating?


Just ask the natives on Maui what happened when they flat out refused (for 2 years in a row) to allow Lahaina to be a test site for a 15-minute city.


You probably didn’t hear much about that from the Presstitutes

And it’s just like you’re not hearing about the increasing number of missing people and rising death counts from the “fires.”



Germany in the Late 1930s



The people in Germany in the late 1930s had a media that they believed…even though it was corrupt to the core.

And when people spoke against the narrative they were labeled as crazy and eventually punished or sent to prison

Sounding familiar?


But we can make a great case as to why we’re not like Germany in the late 1930s.

And that’s because we are seeing a breakdown of four different groups of people today:



  1. Those who believe the narrative and comply
  2. Those who know it’s BS and comply anyway
  3. Those who are waking up to the lies and starting to refuse to comply
  4. Those who knew it was BS right from the start and refused to partake in the lie


However, if more people drift into categories #1 and #2 then we will witness history repeating Germany in the 1930s.


Turbulent Times are getting more turbulent.


Don’t be their victim.


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Share this with a friend…especially if they are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.

They’ll thank YOU later.



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