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First the Pukefest, Then the Dry Heaves


It seemed like a month ago but it was only last Sunday when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell unexpectedly lowered interest rates to ZERO to calm the markets.

On our Monday email we said:


“This is one of the biggest mistakes IN HISTORY made by the Federal Reserve.  And it will come back to haunt all of us.


Suffice it to say things have escalated quickly since last Sunday…proving our ongoing rant about how lowering interest rates will crush the markets.

And by the looks of the overseas markets – last night and early this morning – you’re gonna see another “Pukefest” in the trading pits today.

Don’t be surprised if the DOW tests the 17,000 level.


Are you kidding?

I wish I was kidding.

However, if you took our advice (we said in December and January’s newsletter to raise cash) then you should be salivating to buy into the market at the 17,000 level.

Ironically (or NOT) this is where most people decide to throw in the towel and sell everything which guarantees them a loss.

At the same time, it takes nerves of steel to buy into chaos…and sometimes to just sit tight.

We’re NOT saying to go all in here.

But it’s a good idea to nibble at some great companies selling at a 40-50% discount to where they were only a month ago.

It won’t be pretty but “Pukefest” is never pretty.

It’s more like having food poisoning – or being waaaayyyy too drunk – when you’re puking your guts out to the point of exhaustion…then you get the dry heaves.

I realize that’s not a pretty picture but if you’ve ever had the dry heaves you know that most of the damage is done and you’re on your way back to recovery.

Tighten up your seat belt, stay hydrated, and get ready for the market to give you incredible buying opportunities.

Our FREE gift of March’s “…In Plain English” newsletter will be an excellent guide for you to follow.

And hopefully it will be available tomorrow or Wednesday.

Stay tuned…






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