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Fire White Teachers First

In the spirit of hatred, bigotry, division, and racism the Minneapolis Public schools and teachers’ union announced they will fire white teachers first when downsizing is initiated.

And that’s regardless of seniority.

This definitely falls into the “You just can’t make this stuff up” category.

Ironically (or NOT) morons like Edward Barlow – who sits on the Minneapolis federation of teacher’s executive board – has the balls to say, “It can be a national model, and schools in other states are looking to emulate what we did. Even though it doesn’t do everything that we wanted it to do, it’s still a huge move forward for the retention of teachers of color.”


So basically, they’re saying that, for whatever reason, they can’t retain “teachers of color” so then they’ll take it out on the white teachers.

Let’s flip the script here.

Imagine a headline saying “Teachers union has decided to fire blacks or Hispanics first in any downsizing.”

Race baiters Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Oprah would be on this like white on rice (pun intended).

So, this begs the $64 Billion question:  Where’s the outrage from the white sheeple?


Obviously, someone is ignoring the fact that this violates the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 1996 [Taxman v. Board of Education of Piscataway] stating “a school district can’t consider race even as a tie-breaker, in deciding who to lay off, even to promote diversity.”


White Teachers First


Sad to say this is another smack in the face of the Rule of Law.

And it’s more of a liberal policy they’re using as a way of Stopping Hate by Directing it Towards White People.


If you think this is all just happenstance, think again.

It’s all by design.


The ongoing narrative from the Obama era of divide and conquer is accelerating at a frightening pace.

Think about it.

It makes for great distractions (look here, don’t look there) while Wall Street and DC pick you pockets via horrible policies like the Inflation Reduction Act.

At the same time, it acts like a catalyst in an attempt to bring the Great Reset to America’s front door.

Don’t take the bait.

Instead pay attention to how the markets are being set up for a fall in the fall (pun intended).

And learn how to take advantage of the many hidden Wall Street traps (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they’re a teacher.

They’ll thank YOU later.

We’re Not Just About Finance.

But we use finance to give you hope.



James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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