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Fat Chance and Slim Chance

Is it just us or does the expression “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing?


Think about it.

When someone says they believe some event or thing will happen (and you KNOW it won’t happen) you could respond with “Fat Chance.”

And they will know that you don’t believe them.

But if you say “Slim Chance” they will also know you don’t believe them.


The difference is when you say “Slim Chance,” there is a hint that it might happen…but the chances are slim.


And if that’s the case (and it is) shouldn’t the use of “Fat Chance” imply that there are a lot of reasons why it should happen?


Stay with me.


Because this is not just an exercise in semantics.

It’s more of a comparison to the political nightmares that we are living through in 2024 and beyond.




If someone were to ask us; “Do you think Ukraine will win the war against Russia?”


Our response would be: FAT CHANCE…indicating a resounding NO.

But if we responded: Slim Chance then it would indicate they might win.


See the difference?



Which is it…Fat or Slim Chance?



Let me try another approach.


If you were to ask:  Will Zelensky be re-elected as President of Ukraine? …we would say FAT CHANCE.

And that is because we are now seeing how many Ukrainians see Volodymyr Zelensky as a dictator who has betrayed his own country for a handful of silver.

And Fat Chance would be wrong.




Because, as of May 20th, Zelensky’s presidency formally came to an end.


But no new elections will be held as long as Ukraine is under martial law.

And martial law is on purpose…because he would be overwhelmingly voted out.


So, the answer would be Slim Chance.


The point is neither Fat or Slim chance because they both mean the same thing.


And if the Ukrainian people do not accept peace and overthrow Zelensky – who takes his orders from the Neocons and has betrayed his own country – Ukraine will not exist in the future.


10 Million Ukrainians Have Fled the Country





The refusal to accept peace means that Russia can take all of Ukraine, and then we are looking at the stupidity of European leaders who ONLY want war to destroy Europe for a third time.


And, In Case You Missed It…on May 7th, 2024, two Ukrainian military officers were arrested because they sought to save their country by assassinating him (just like it happened to Hitler).


As a result – and as the war drags on for years – Zelensky has unilaterally declared himself a dictator, probably for life.

And there will be no elections.


Ironically (or NOT) he has the audacity to argue that since Ukraine is fighting for the sake of democracy, he is just like so many other leaders that do the opposite of what they say.


He has no intent to allow elections to take place.


Democracy in Ukraine? …Fat Chance.


It’s ALWAYS about the money.


READ:  How Ukraine Was Sold to Blackrock…(HERE).


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