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December 4, 2022

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Facebook CENSORED Me

You might think this is a bit weird but I actually got excited when I received notification that Facebook blocked my email about them losing over $120 Billion in one day.

(If you missed it click HERE to see for yourself).

If you read it, please tell me if you found it offensive or how it “violated Facebooks policy.

I wasn’t revealing anything that wasn’t already public information.

In fact, I purposely avoided telling about the massive insider selling that was taking place prior to the 20% crash in the stock.

But since I’ve now breached that subject I’ll get a bit more specific.

After the scandal broke about “Cambridge Analytica” (March 2018) FB’s stock took a big hit and Zuck had to testify before Congress.

(We wrote about it in an email titled “Why is Everyone Still Shocked over Facebook? HERE).

Since then, the stock recovered and climbed to an all-time High on July 25th.

However, in those four months Facebook insiders dumped over $3.9 Billion worth of their stock.

Mark Zuckerberg himself dumped nearly $3.5 Billion.

In other words, he accounted for roughly 90% of all insider trading from March through July.


Now why would he do that?

At this point I’m not going to speculate (I’m probably in enough trouble already) and I’m working towards getting back up and running on FB.

Time will tell if I’m successful.

However, if you are so inclined, an occasional like or a share on Facebook from you might make things even more interesting.  But this particular email might not be the best one to like or share…if you catch my drift.

Since tomorrow is Sunday I’ll write about preachers.

Feel free to like and share it on FB…and many thanks for your support.




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