April 14, 2024

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Eviction Storm Clouds Are Gathering

In addition to runaway inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, food shortages, and a cost-of-living crisis, we’re seeing eviction storm clouds on the horizon.

Thanks, Stinky Joe.

And thanks to the Boyz trying to CYA.

Cue up:  Economists Are Working To Change The Definition Of “Recession”

Maybe by changing the definition of recession, the Boyz can, once again, fool the sheeple about the debt problem we face.

Or Maybe they want you to think that Uncle Sam will come through again with another stipend stimulus check, which was a major factor in the acceleration of inflation.

Or maybe, Just Maybe the eviction storm clouds we’re seeing is a major problem that needs another major distraction.

You know, like a mass shooting, false flag, devastating event, etc.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that more than 8 million * people are facing eviction.

(* The real number is probably twice that amount)

And keep in mind, since the Covid Fraud began, there has been a moratorium on evictions.

In May of 2021 the National Association of Realtors estimated that around 40 million Americans were behind on their rent…

So, the CoronaFraud has allowed countless people to live rent free while punishing landlords for having the nerve to charge people rent.

Bad landlords…Bad!

Consequently, it’s also why we’re seeing skyrocketing rents/unaffordable housing because the punished landlords end up doing what big corporations do all the time.

Translation:  Pass on their increased costs to consumers.

Root Cause of Eviction Storm Clouds

Ironically (or NOT) the sheeple are quick to forget how shutting down the global economy – for a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate – is what’s responsible for what we’re living through today.


Read: https://www.financialsmatter.com/systemic-inflation-returns-thanks-to-covid/  July 2, 2021.


And this begs the question:  “Where are these 8 million+ people going to live if they are evicted and/or who’s going to pay for their welfare?”


In the past the Boyz would just print more money out of thin air.

It was their way of kicking the can down the road.

But it appears as if we’ve come to the end of the road.

Consequently, we can no longer kick the money printing can.

For this reason, we’ll likely start seeing defaults…especially in sovereign debt.


Read:  https://www.financialsmatter.com/bond-market-tremors-why-banks-dont-trust-banks/  Feb 24, 2020.


And if you don’t reprogram your investment default mechanism, you’ll get squashed like a bug.


Read:  https://www.financialsmatter.com/how-to-reprogram-your-investment-default-mechanism-in-2022/


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