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Even if You Hate Trump…

This post is not just for Trump fans because even if you hate Trump you have to admit he’s still winning people over.

Cue up:  The increase in Trump’s base of supporters since the FBI’s illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago.

And in the spirit of arrogance, the demon seed of Dick Cheney (Liz – Miss Piggy – Cheney) has entered her second stage of grief over her shellacking in Wyoming by blaming ‘Very Sick Republicans’ for her loss.

Boy, talk about a sore loser.

And she’s still hell bent on stopping Trump at any cost.

Ironically (or NOT) cretins like the Cheney family are making Trump look good by comparison to the O’Biden regime.

So, Even if You Hate Trump

Consider these examples of what’s been done – by the O’Biden Regime – since Trump left office:

  1. They’ve let in 2 million illegals since O’Biden took over.
  2. Given Ukraine nearly $100 BILLION because their border is more important than ours.
  3. Tried to start WW3 with Russia and China.
  4. And still trying because the O’Biden adolescents still think they can win a nuclear war.
  5. Allowed inflation to run rampant.
  6. Increased gas prices by several dollars while forbidding drilling around the country.
  7. Selling millions of barrels of strategic reserves to China.
  8. Passed mind-boggling spending bills for Trillions of dollars to push a phony green agenda and a looter’s paradise.
  9. And the 5 Trillion spent so far doesn’t include the $700 Billion for the egregious Inflation Reduction Act.
  10. Promoted crime through George Soros’ Defense Attorneys all over the country.
  11. Locked up political prisoners for over 1 ½ years * who only went a DC rally… * Note, they didn’t destroy billions of dollars of property like Antifa/BLM did but are STILL INCARCERATED.
  12. Weaponized all intelligence agencies, the DoJ, FBI, And the IRS…making the old Soviet Union look like pikers.
  13. Left more than $7 Billion in military equipment to the Taliban…this week marks the one-year anniversary of that disaster/embarrassment that NO ONE is talking about.

Shall I go on?

In the meantime, crying losers like Cheney can’t seem to understand the damage they’ve done.

But the good news is this confirms our belief that the good guys win in the long run.

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