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East Palestine (Ohio) vs O’Biden

How quickly people forget that one year ago East Palestine, Ohio was nuked by a Norfolk Southern train derailment spewing carcinogenic chemicals throughout the town and the surrounding area.


Sleepy Joe promised to visit the people of East Palestine but never showed up.

And now, one year later, the O’Biden clown show is planning on doing a victory lap to celebrate its response to last year’s disaster.


But there is one big problem.


They never cleaned up the mess.


Adding insult to injury, NewsNation found toxic chemicals in rivers and streams around East Palestine.

Adding more insult to more injury, (literally) this comes even as the Environment Protection Agency has given residents the all-clear to return.


And, as if on cue, Dr. Arthur Chang, the chief medical officer in the CDC’s environmental health division, confirmed to the media outlet that a chemical exposure blanketed the town and persisting symptoms from residents are proof:


“We may not know how to get rid of the vinyl chloride from the body, but we know how to treat those cancers.”


What?  I am almost speechless.


And, Yes…he actually said that.


Based on that logic the vaccine makers can make a similar argument…


“We don’t know how to rid your body of the MRNA etc.  But we do know how to treat the cancers, the myocarditis, pericarditis and we are working on reversing the sudden deaths.”




Maybe these insensitive CDC Globalists want you to think they are being the good guys by saying, “Hey, Sorry about you getting cancers from our negligence.  But we can give you a different kind of poison while you are waiting around to die.”


Or Maybe they never had any intention of helping the residents of East Palestine, Ohio.  Because “with cancer-causing chemicals still found in surrounding rivers and streams” is the real reason why they will be doing a “victory lap”.



Or Maybe, JUST MAYBE (((They))) revel in the destruction of any place named Palestine.



This reminds us of an old George Carlin line…


Sooner or later the American people are going to have to realize the government doesn’t give a **** about them or their families or their rights.



And it’s a sad commentary on our Administration when you realize how many billions have been sent to Ukraine in the last year while the table scraps went to East Palestine.


Speaking of table scraps, let’s not forget the residents of Maui…remember that?

And they got a check for a whopping $700.


Any way you look at it, IF there is an O’Biden “victory lap” it will be a disgrace for East Palestine residents.


Be sure to learn how this trend is most likely to continue by reading our February edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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