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Drug Cartels and Wall Street Banks

I hope this email won’t result in some government goon kicking down my door.  But some things need to be said.

Here goes:  The biggest drug cartels in the world are backed by the biggest banks in the world.


There, I said it.

And our Congress critters don’t just “turn the other cheek” to them…they SUPPORT them.

I know this sounds outrageous but hear me out because you, me, and every taxpayer are unknowingly assisting them.

You might be thinking “Why would they do this?” and the answer is simple.

It’s worth over $1TRILLION a year.

Let me give you an example.

In 2015 Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) was caught and fined $1.8 Billion for drug trafficking.  They paid the bill and no one, I repeat, NO ONE went to jail.  It’s like they had one of those Monopoly “Get out of jail FREE” cards.

Answer this question.  If one company could pay a $1.8 Billion fine (and not blink), how much money did they make?

To them it’s like paying a license fee.

And they’re not the only one.

The next issue of Simplifying Wall Street…In Plain English features an in-depth look at how these thieves are morally and financially bankrupting our nation.  More importantly, how it affects you as an investor.

See for yourself (HERE).

P.S. I Hope this issue won’t be censored because…Wait!  Hold on!  Someone’s banging on my door…Hello, Hey! What th*%&%% Get your hands off #@%$&(*^…

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