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Disarming the Population Leads to…Paradise?

New Zealand has officially gone off the rails.

Well, maybe we should limit that to the radical Socialist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who believes that disarming the population leads to paradise.



Ms. Ardern is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier…and her citizens know this is an illegal “gun grab” in the making. 

Her recent mandate for citizens to surrender their weapons has resulted in 37 weapons officially been surrendered.  LOL!

Adding insult to injury, the New Zealand website for “surrendering your weapons” has been shut down due to an overwhelming amount of trolling.


So, it appears the vast majority of Kiwi’s don’t agree with the Prime Ministers viewpoint on gun control.


We stated in an earlier email (Here) that the recent mass murder shooting in the Christ Church smells like another false flag event.

If you haven’t seen the censored videos (labeled as criminal offenses for posting them) you should google them…IF you can still find them.

The hysteria surrounding this is creepy.

According to New Zealand’s Chief Censor David Shanks, a so-called manifesto attributed to suspected gunman Brenton Tarrant was ruled “objectionable” on Saturday, making it a crime to possess or distribute it anywhere in the country. 

(New Zealand actually has a government position called “Chief Censor?”)

Adding to this creepiness:  “According to the Department of Internal Affairs, “knowingly” possessing or sharing objectionable material carries up to a 14-year jail term.”

Wait!  What?

This means if you copy/download this manifesto from social media, you could end up in jail.

New Zealand is witnessing censorship, threats of jail time and “gun grabbing” all rolled into one package.

Not Good!

Why isn’t anyone asking the question:  If Muslims are supposed to be buried 24 hrs.  after death, where is the documentation for these 50 deaths/burials?

President Ardern knows that disarming the population leads to genocide not paradise.

Learn more about it (HERE).

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