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Digital Dollars Dilemma


For all of you Digital Dollar advocates (Cough! Millennials, Cough! Cough!) who believe we’re better off by eliminating cash, did you see the following headline last week?

In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit “Digital Dollars” Directly To “Each American.”

Sounds really convenient doesn’t it?

With “The Fed” depositing digital dollars into your account, you won’t need to touch all that “dirty cash.”

They want you to believe this will eliminate risk of contracting the CoronaFraud and will simplify your life.

However, seeing how our system becomes creepier every day, we’d like to point out a few problems we refer to as “Digital Dollars Dilemma.”


  • You will need an app on your phone to spend it – right next to the vaccine compliance tracking app.
  • If THEY can give you money this quickly, THEY can also take it away this quickly.
  • This need for direct deposit is the excuse they will use for eliminating paper dollars and putting us all on a Fed-supervised digital wallet.
  • The Federal government would have a direct pipeline into everybody’s bank account; what could go wrong?
  • Money outta thin air – meaning no hard assets behind it – is Magic…and legalif the private bank, AKA, the Fed does it.
  • If you or I do it then it’s counterfeiting and illegal.
  • The FED fears Trump will shut them down so they want to create this magic money for everyone A.S.A.P.


Again, with the Fed in complete control with your money, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This Digital Dollars Dilemma is based on TPTB having control over your money and everything you want to do with it.

It’s not “Cool.”

It’s very creepy.

And it’s one more step leading up to the Great Reset where creepier organizations like the UN plan on everyone surrendering their sovereignty to their agenda.

We simply cannot allow these globalists to take over.

Learn more about the Great Reset – and what you can do about protecting yourself from it – in our October issue of “…In Plain English.”

And feel free to share this with a friend who thinks digital dollars are cool.

They’ll thank You later.






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