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December Newsletter is Live

The December “In Plain English” newsletter is live and ready for your reading pleasure.


It’s jam packed with many investment ideas and year-end strategies.  And there’s a key article that focuses on how the GREAT RESET will play out in the world in 2021.


Log-in and enjoy it (HERE).

December 2020 Newsletter

Here’s an excerpt:


Regardless of how everything all plays out; we have a lot of information to serve up this month for your reading pleasure.

So, top off your favorite beverage and let’s get right into the heart of how everything seems to be revolving around 2021, When the Great Reset and Food Shortages Hit Home.

And as we say goodbye/good riddance to 2020, The Year of Chaos we remind you that there are many people whose lives can only be touched by you.

It’s Not Just About Finance.



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