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Consumer Confidence and American Exceptionalism


Question:  James, has there’s ever been a wider gap between consumer confidence and American exceptionalism than today?




Answer:  Well Bryan, in one word, NO!   At this time, we have consumer confidence in crash mode, GDP in crash mode, and the cretins behind this mess think they will be able to put it all back together by just defeating Trump.

GDP dropped 32% during the 2nd-quarter.  That’s a new historical record surpassing every recession and the Great Depression of both the 19th and 20th centuries…All because of a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate.

It makes you wonder if these fraudulent epidemiologists can really be that stupid.

Any and every doctor who stands up against this morbid manipulation is attacked and called a quack.  Then the authorities (WHO are these authorities, anyway?) roll out a fake study to claim they are wrong.

Or else the protesting doctors get banned from YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Unfortunately (or Maybe Fortunately) our country has been irrevocably divided.  And the ultimate end result will be the break-up of the United States.

How soon remains to be seen.

Chances are the division gets worse after the election REGARDLESS of who wins.  Neither party will accept the outcome.

However, American Exceptionalism is not dead.

The world still needs the USA to lead the charge against the negative, nefarious, narrative over the New Green World Order.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see how this group does not believe in individual freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and certainly not any democratic process.

They only seek to impose their will and subjugate everyone to their demands.

The good news is, it will all backfire on them.

That’s why you need to Listen to the Markets.

The markets have a way of showing you some of the greatest opportunities of your lifetime…especially in Turbulent Times.

Be prepared to prosper AND thrive in these Turbulent Times by reading the August issue of “…In Plain English.”

You’ll thank us later.

And share this with a friend…they’ll thank YOU later.

Once we get them all wearing masks







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