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Consolidation is NOT a Correction

The world is coming to an end Arrrrgggghhhh!

At least that’s what the presstitutes want you to think.

If you weren’t living in a cave last week you witnessed the stock market getting whacked for 831 points and 545 points back to back.  (Wednesday and Thursday)

And, of course, the fear mongering presstitutes had a field day claiming “two of the worse days in history.”

What a bunch of crap!

On October 19, 1987 (31 years ago) the DOW dropped 508 points in one day.  At the time it represented a 22.6% loss in one day.

Now that was historic.

Wednesday’s 831.38-point loss was slightly over a 3% loss in one day.

In today’s dollars a 22.6% loss would be equal to a 6,002-point one day loss.  See the difference?

What we’re witnessing is a Consolidation in the markets and NOT a Correction.

However, the Doom Porn media junkies gotta sell more advertising.  And their Wall Street overlords use this kind of fear to pick your shrinking pockets while stuffing their fat wallets.

You probably don’t want to hear me say this (Again) but we’re still in The Most Hated Bull Market in History.

In fact, it’s far from over…and the hatred of this market will eventually eclipse the ongoing hatred that’s constantly being stoked by our political hacks in DC.

Remember, the boyz in the “Club” need to keep you worried about anything and everything from upcoming recessions and/or the Mid-Term Elections.

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