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Charge Them ALL With TREASON

Flying under the radar are the results from special prosecutor John Durham which should make every American want to charge them ALL with TREASON.

Who are the all?

First be sure to look at what Durham revealed in his report.


And it clearly showed that all American intelligence agencies knew the Trump-Russian collusion story was a lie. You can read the full 300-page report here.

Hillary Clinton needed a way to take the heat off her email scandal and was the mastermind behind this plot.

The CIA and FBI knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Steele Dossier was a lie designed by Clinton to take down Trump.

The FBI then leaked deliberate misinformation to the press to condemn Trump on behalf of Hillary and the Democrats.

It gets worse.

Christopher Steele was bribed $1 million to write his fictional Steele Dossier.

And in case you forgot, sleaze ball John McCain turned over the – now proven bogus dossier – to the FBI after being encouraged by another sleaze ball senator Lindsey Graham.

It gets even worse with the Russian Connection.

Igor Danchenko was known to be Russian intelligence.

And Intelligence agencies paid Danchecnko a quarter of a million USD to reveal classified information to back Steele’s claims.

Ironically (or NOT) he could not provide any evidence since it didn’t exist, but he was paid anyway.

Adding gasoline to the fire, former Intelligence Committee Chair Adam – “No, I didn’t go to Epstein’s Island 78 times” – Schiff said he saw first-hand evidence of Russian collusion.


Schiff’s first-hand evidence was a complete lie.

In fact, everything involved with this entire mess turned out to be a complete lie.





Charge them ALL with TREASON

So, who do you think should be charged with treason?

These are extreme crimes that No ONE is being held accountable for.

And all Americans should be completely outraged that we were lied to by our intelligence agencies and media Presstitutes in an attempt to alter our election.

Even more outrageous is how the Presstitutes are ignoring this as if it never happened.



Because they know that Hillary, Obama, Biden, the FBI, the CIA, and numerous politicians knew that everything regarding “Russian collusion” was a complete lie.

Trump was right…Again.

Sad to say these people know they’re above the law and can openly commit crimes without penalty.


In the meantime, they’ll offer up some stooge (Adam Schiff) as a useful idiot to take the fall.

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