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Chaos Begins in 2020

Email subscriber Michael (from Ohio) recently opined on Facebook “My friend James Vincent calls 2019 the political year from hell.  He hasn’t mentioned what he’s going to call 2020.”

First of all, thanks Michael for sharing our posts, especially since we don’t meet Facebooks community standards.


(Hopefully you won’t be a marked man by the FB Nazis).

Second, it’s a bit early to tag any name to 2020.  We usually wait until late December.

However, we’ve been hinting that 2020 will usher in the Chaos that sets in motion the madness that will bring about change like we’ve never seen in our lifetime.

It’s also going to be a prelude to the problems ahead on the monetary system reform… (most likely happening in 2021).

Loss of Confidence in Government will multiply and will wreak havoc across the globe.

(Notice I didn’t say the markets would crash).

You need to understand that out of Chaos comes more Chaos… (more on that later).

At the same time, it creates incredible opportunities for those with “ears to hear.”

One such opportunity will be having possession of Physical Gold (not paper gold).

YOU MUST HOLD IT YOURSELF (Read: “Gold, If You Don’t Hold it, You Don’t Own it” HERE).

Keep in mind that gold has yet to break out of its range for the last six years.

It needs to get beyond the 1,360-1,370 range in order to see huge gains.

If it doesn’t rally above that range, we’ll likely see another test of the lows before a huge bull market emerges.

Gold won’t be isolated in its rise.

Certain sectors of the market will blow away the doom porn addicts while those who prepare for opportunities will make fortunes.

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