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Catholic Schoolgirls …”God is Gender Neutral?”

We must be in the end times when you hear how Catholic schoolgirls in Australia are being banned from using the words ‘Lord’, ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ in prayers.

The excuse is they (Elite schools in Brisbane) want to teach their students to use inclusive language when referring to God. 

It’s bad enough that the fascist Pope in Rome has recently altered the Lord’s prayer.  But now we have these weirdos in Australia teaching kids to use gender-inclusive language when referring to God.


Someone needs to slap these people…repeatedly.

Oops!  (Someone’s now going to accuse me of a “thought crime.”)

Andrea Dean, director of the Catholic Office for the Participation of Women, told the Daily Mail Australia publication, that she was ‘thrilled’ and it was ‘terrific’ schools were moving towards inclusive language.


Actions like these is further proof that the church (as a whole) does more damage to the Word of God than anything else on the planet.

No doubt I’ll get some haters from that comment but ask yourself this question: “What has the church done to stand against the increasing assaults against morality?”

Instead they’re “Thrilled” and encouraging the words God, Father, and Son to be BANNED from Universities.  (Still holding my forehead in my palm).

Next thing you know they’ll be silent on allowing new born babies to be murdered.

Oh, Wait!

Once again, we’re taking the stance that this is Politically Motivated.

And it’s only going to get worse as 2019, the Political Year from Hell gains momentum.

Meanwhile, the sheeple are bleating “Baaaaaa!”

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