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Carmageddon Yielding to Farmageddon

Just over a year ago we wrote about how the auto industry is approaching its own Armageddon (HERE).

So, adding fuel to that self-combusting battery fire, we want you to see how the electric car is making things worse.

It’s becoming quite clear that there is very little (if any) money being invested in any technology having to do with the combustion engine.

It also means that unemployment in that industry will rise to the worst levels seen since the Great Depression.

Normally you have a transition from one technology to another (which leaves those behind who cannot adapt).

However, this particular transition is not being carried out by the free markets.

Nor is it a natural trend of evolution in technology.

No sirreee.

This time, the transition is being compelled by our government.

The end result is not likely to be beneficial to our markets and especially the European economy.  (Europe is far more dependent on selling cars to America than Japan)

Auto dealers will tell you “Everything is great” and “We’re selling cars like crazy.”  But what would you expect them to say?

Once again, this flies under the radar because Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media presstitutes don’t want you to know it.

The boyz in the “Club” are also keeping the lid on another crisis that’s been coined “Farmageddon.”

It’s going to be worse than Carmageddon.

That’s because we can live without a car longer than we can live without food.

Far too many farmers are facing bankruptcy (that you rarely hear about) and the prospects of an abundance of crops in 2019 is fading fast.

Suffice it to say that the Global Warming kooks will blame it on Global Warming.

But the truth is the root of the problem is Global Cooling.

Learn how the “Solar Minimum” cycle accelerates us into Farmageddon in our July Newsletter:

More importantly, learn how to profit from it.

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