December 2022
December 8, 2022

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Can You Really Beat Wall Street?

I got a great question from a subscriber today.

Bill asked, “How it is possible to beat the gurus on Wall Street?”

Well, Bill, it’s not as hard as it seems.

The big secret (that eludes the majority of investors) has to do with not being greedy. AND not being afraid of “selling too soon.”

It’s also part of seeing the big picture on a global scale…and then connecting the dots.

That may sound too simple to you, but simple is better than complicated.

You see, the “gurus” want you to believe their almighty wisdom and strategies in order to convince you to do certain things.  At the same time, they’re betting against you and doing the opposite.

Are you shocked by that?

You shouldn’t be…it’s the oldest trick in the book.

Legendary investor Bernard Baruch once said, “Nobody ever lost money taking a profit.”

He also said, “I made my money by selling too soon.”

That’s simplicity at its finest.

And that’s what we do it at Financials Matter.

We make things simple and easy for you to understand.

Our monthly newsletter Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English shows you how to “connect the dots.”  It’s helped others do the exact same thing (even though many didn’t believe me at first) and it will help you too.

See for yourself (HERE).

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