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Can You Hear Me NOW?

For years my wife has told me, “James, I swear you’re hard of hearing.”

To which I usually reply, “Huh?”

Soon thereafter I follow-up with, “My hearing is fine.  There’s just certain frequencies that I have a hard time hearing…and your voice is one of them.”

That usually goes over like a lead balloon.

But it’s true…and most of you are guilty of the same thing.

I’m not referring to your husband or wife here (although it may be true for you as the “hard of hearing” is for me).

I’m referring to how you Listen to the Markets.

We’ve been preaching for years how the markets broadcast everything in advance. 

Sometimes it seems as if they’re screaming while other times it’s more of a whisper.

However, if your “receiver” isn’t tuned in, you won’t hear what they’re saying regardless if they’re screaming or whispering.

This is the number one problem with most investors today.

They’re tuned in to what the Wall Street bought-and-paid-for media presstitutes are selling and don’t hear what the markets are saying.

My wife (referring to me) calls it “selective hearing.”

I prefer to think of it as “needing a frequency re-calibration” because (let’s be honest here) we’re all capable of hearing what we want to hear.

More importantly we all have a tendency to fall into the “selective hearing” category.

As a result, we all need a frequency re-calibration every once in a while.

That’s why we write our monthly newsletter “…In Plain English,” to give you a way to re-calibrate how you listen to the markets.

We’ve previously stated that 2019 will be The Political Year from Hell and you’d be wise to position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

See what our subscribers already know about preparation for the oncoming madness.

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You’ll thank us later.

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