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Bye, Bye Angie…Refugees Will Miss YOU

It should come as no surprise that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is about to get booted out of power.  (Her refugee policy has caused Europe to blow-up like a bratwurst on the grill…and her detractors want her out).

What’s surprising is how quickly it’s coming about.

We’re talking within the next two weeks.  (And it has nothing to do with Germany’s historic loss to Mexico in the World Cup on June 17th).

For over 13 years Merkel has managed to out maneuver her opponents.  But, according to Germanys leading business newspaper Handelsblatt, “…her time could finally be up.”

As the saying goes, “This won’t end well.”

However, it’s not going to change the fact that she has singlehandedly undermined Germany and Europe by bringing in millions of refugees since 2015.

And the refugees aren’t leaving.

The best Europe can hope for is to turn back the ongoing asylum seekers at the borders.   That way they can at least ease the strain of providing freebies for all the “refugees.”

In the past, the term “refugee” meant men, women, children, and grandparents.  But the vast majority of this flock invading Europe have been single young men with average ages in their 20’s.


It’s been a nightmare from the get go but our lame stream media has been sweeping it under the rug to keep you in the dark.

Here’s the irony.  (And please don’t send me hate mail).

Trump has been right all along about Europe.

With Merkel gone there will be repercussions that’ll make the markets quiver…especially in the banking sector.

You don’t want to own European bank stocks.  There…I said it.

Read more about it (HERE).

Somehow, Putin or Trump will get the blamed for this.



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