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But! But! What About the Children?

Have you noticed among all the CoronaFraud madness, rioting, looting, and political posturing Pandering that no one is mentioning how this is affecting our children?

In the past, “What About the Children” has been the battle cry for Congress Critters concerned for the welfare of kids and their future. (at least that’s what they want you to believe)

The exception to that, of course, is how certain politicians endorse and promote the merciless killing of millions of unborn babies every year.

This same crew (Cough! Liberals, Cough! Cough!) thinks nothing of harvesting babies’ organs for profit.  Why else do you think they’ve passed laws allowing full-term abortions?


Ironically (or NOT) many college students today are pissed off waking up to the fact that they’re paying a small fortune – and/or going in debt – so they can take their classes on line.  They’re also realizing that professors are giving them an option of getting a PASS or FAIL grade regardless of how well they do in class.

In other words, the smart ones who study, work hard and grasp the knowledge being presented are treated the same as the deadbeats who don’t apply themselves and still get a passing grade.

Welcome to Socialism in school.

And what about the millions of elementary, middle, and high school students who – because of convenience laziness of our education system – were all miraculously promoted to the next grade regardless if they learned anything or not?

Let’s face it.  Our kids have been dumbed down for the last few decades and now – because of the CoronaFraud – are being taught that they don’t need to work or study to get through school.

What’s next?

Will kids use Tick-tock apps as a way to lie cheat and/or influence their generation?

Oh, wait!

The point is…the nefarious agenda behind the CoronaFraud is to create young impressionable sheeple to accept what they’re being indoctrinated into and not to question or think for themselves.

They’re watching our nation’s history being erased and not even questioning it.

If we don’t get them to think critically – instead of #DoWhatYou’reTold, #StayAtHome, #It’sForTheCommonGood – then we’re just as guilty as the criminals behind this madness.

It’s not too late.

However, we must teach our children to question everything.

That’s why we send you daily emails…to get you questioning everything you read or see published by the media presstitutes.

Instead of hoping kids will wake up to how screwed up the world is becoming, invest in their future by giving them the gift of free thinking.

Translation:  Subscribe to our “…In Plain English” newsletter and share it with them.

They’ll definitely thank YOU later.


Why study when you don’t have to?








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