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Bush Will Be Missed Most by the Clintons

If you chose to honor the Bush family crime syndicate, stop reading, NOW.

Some of you buy into the media hypocrisy when they praise the life of a politician who’s recently died (like McCain).

Ironically, the same media miscreants often took any opportunity to criticize their “fallen hero” while they were alive.

It’s disgusting.

But there are some of you who (like me) will get sick of hearing how wonderful Bush Sr was and what great things he did for America.

If you look behind the curtain, you’ll understand what I mean.

For now, let’s look at Papa Bush’s successor (Clinton) and why he’ll miss Bush more than most.

The Reader’s Digest version of this story is how Clinton (when he was governor of Arkansas) conveniently “looked the other way” while Papa Bush trafficked massive amounts of CIA cocaine through Arkansas.


Yes, you read that right.

And, in addition to cocaine, the Bush family paved the way for the CIA heroin to land in America via Afghanistan.

Why do you think we’re in Afghanistan anyway?

They don’t have oil.  They don’t have much to offer anyone except one thing.  Poppy plants.  It’s where heroin comes from.

If you wonder why we have an opioid problem in America today, look no further than the Bush Family.

Under baby Bush (aka: “dubya”) we started the War in Afghanistan code named Operation Enduring Freedom in October 2001.

The only war we’re fighting there is the protection of the poppy fields.

And for the last 17 years we’ve spent billions of taxpayer’s monies to help create TRILLIONS in profits for a small group of powerful people.

Now that Papa Bush is gone, the Clintons will surely miss their cut of the action.

Read about how this rabbit hole runs deep in our December newsletter (HERE).

And be sure to wear your tin-foil hat.

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