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Brain Chip Implants Begin

Brain chip implants have been given the green light for a six-year trial to study the effects of Brain Computer Interface (BCI).


The company involved???


Elon Musk’s Neuralink.


Neuralink will use a specialized surgical robot to implant the devices into participants’ brains.


And they make it sound so noble with their company mission to:


“Create a generalized brain interface to restore autonomy to those with unmet medical needs today and unlock human potential tomorrow.”



Translation: Once you accept the chip (the Mark of the Beast) we then have control over you for the rest of your life.


Listen…this isn’t the first time we warned you about Elon Musk as the “Champion of Free Speech.”


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An excerpt:


  1. Musk is part of the Cabal
  2. He’s not your buddy
  3. This is all panem et circenses; BREAD AND CIRCUSES
  4. Musk wants ID verification for Twitter


As a result, the curtain is pulled back.

He’s always been controlled opposition.

And now we have two obvious reasons for control:


  1. Electric Vehicles (fully computerized)
  2. Digital ID – a step closer to removing anonymity



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Chip Implants Begin



We’re not using the announcement of Neuralink testing Brain-chips on humans as an “I told you so…”


Well…maybe we are…kinda, sorta.


But a little-known fact about the Neuralink chip is that the non-human trials failed miserably.


And they resulted in 1,500 dead animals since 2018.


But Musk is confident and has said that the Neuralink will be for everyone.

And that he personally plans to have a brain chip installed once available.


This isn’t the first time someone has tried to convince/force/seduce/con the public into accepting The Mark of the Beast. 


The Covid scam artists (Global Elite) made a huge effort (and failed) to make it work.


READ:  The “Mark of the Beast” in France  July 15, 2021 (HERE).



We almost forgot to mention that Neuralink is not beholden to shareholders because Musk owns the company outright.


And the company claims it will not sell data to third parties.


However, Neuralink’s third-party affiliates, regulatory boards, and research partners will have access to their data.


So, we shall see how it all plays out once the trials begin.


In the meantime, learn how to avoid the Global Elite’s plan for everyone to “Own Nothing and Be Happy” …especially after you get a brain chip implant (HERE).







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