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Blatantly Buying Votes


To secure the Gen Z vote, O’Biden is Blatantly Buying votes.


And his latest round of student loan forgiveness will force US taxpayers to pay an additional $559 Billion in taxes.


During the Covid Scam, the original student loan forgiveness plan backfired, big time.


Payments were frozen in March 2020 under the CARES Act when countless people were out of work, and the program made sense.


With the global economy shut down, millions of people simply stopped paying their loans.




Because they believed O’Biden’s campaign promise to make all student loans vanish into thin air.


But…and this is a Very VERY Big BUTT…

Halting repayments after the government agrees to shut down the global economy is one thing.

But saddling the average American with additional tax obligations is extortion and economic tyranny.


And most people are still clueless as to who will actually pay these debts.





Blatantly Buying Votes



Do the math…


By July 2023, over 7.5 million borrowers had defaulted on their student loan payments.

Millions more were set to default in September 2023, when the COVID provisions were set to end.

Since then O’Biden has “forgiven” billions in student loan debt and has decided to introduce a new wave of loan forgiveness.


He has implemented the SAVE plan which has quickly shot up in costs from $475 billion to $559 billion.


Ironically (or NOT) students across America are whining that their University is not monitoring their health while they camp out in tents and claim to be on a hunger strike in support of Palestinian people.


Seriously, they are whining about “unsafe conditions” due to officials denying them to sleep in tents.

And one group now claims “They are not keeping track of our vitals. They are not at all taking care of us.”

“We will continue to starve until they meet our demands,” the agitators added.




They don’t even know what they are protesting about.

At the same time, they cry out for O’Biden to forgive their student loans and pass on the obligation to us.


Chalk this loan forgiveness nonsense as one of the final $35 Trillion straws that will be used to accelerate the Sovereign Debt Default of the USA.


So, what are you going to do about it?


In addition to getting out of ALL Government Bonds, be sure to read our May “…In Plain English” newsletter (HERE) to see what other actions you should be taking.


As we’ve said before, it’s not a matter of IF the USA defaults on its’ debt, but when.


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