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Bitcoin One Year Later

Last year at this time, bitcoin was hovering in the $6,000-dollar range.  It surged over six-fold (from the $800-900 range) from earlier in the year.

And that was only the beginning.

By December 18, 2017 it skyrocketed to $19,039.

That’s when all the kooks like MSNBC’s Jim Cramer said, “Bitcoin is going to $1,000,000.”

We posted over a dozen articles on it (HERE) warning about the effects of it and the future of our monetary system.  We also warned how the banksters (who secretly lusted after bitcoin) were plotting how to destroy it.

So, here we are, one year later with Bitcoin trading in the $6,200 range.

Hopefully you didn’t get suckered into buying it at the $16,000-17,000 range (or higher).

But here’s something you probably didn’t know.

The banksters used last year’s Bitcoin mania to pull off one of the biggest money laundering scams in history.

The major culprit…China.

At the same time, all the other major banks were complicit as they shouted from the rooftops over the “evils of crypto-currencies.”

They were simply jealous they didn’t think of it first and declared (with their sanctimonious hypocrisy), “something must be done to stop this.”

So, where does that leave us today regarding the Bitcoin world?

As usual, most manias tend to wipe themselves out leveling the playing field where only the strong survive.  This has been the case with most crypto-currencies.

However, the “Block-Chain Technology” (the foundation of Bitcoin and its many clones), is here to stay.

We recently covered that in an article titled “Has JP Morgan Lied Again?”

The cycle of our monetary system is undergoing a major shift that will impact the world.

If you think it won’t affect you, then you’re delusional.



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