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Billionaire Money Laundering of Jesus

Before you accuse me of blasphemy, you should read yesterday’s email to get some perspective.  (HERE)

In it I asked, “Why would someone pay nearly ½ Billion dollars for a “newly rediscovered” Da Vinci?”   (Especially when there’s a lot of speculation that it’s a “fake.”)

Someone might say my calling it a “fake” sounds more blasphemous than saying some billionaire used Jesus to launder money.

However, there is only speculation that it was an original.

The famous Christie’s auction house (whose fee was an estimated $50 Million to broker the painting) said in 2010 that the “scholarly consensus of the painting is an autograph work by Leonardo is unusually uniform…”

Sounds to me like they have their doubts.

But, heck…for 50 Mil, I’d swear to almost anything too.

My point is, this whole deal doesn’t pass the smell test (it stinks).

Using religion to launder hide untold fortunes is nothing new.

For centuries powerful people have used the church to conceal wealth and gain political favor through bribery and extortion.

So, why should a half-Billion dollar “newly rediscovered” Da Vinci painting be any different?

If you’re not tracking with me on this, you’re probably thinking. “This guy, James, is going to hell for sure.”

If that’s how you think then you’re really not going to like what I say next.

These multi-billionaires and their “insider accomplices” (regardless if it’s powerful friends, governments, and/or Religious organizations) are laughing at you all the way to the bank.

They use tabloid style events like these to reassure you that they are almighty and they control the directions of the world’s economies.

So, if you want to fight back, you need to know how to “Connect the Dots” of the global financial puzzle.  (HERE)

Don’t be a pawn in their global chess game.

Educate yourself (HERE).

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