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A long-standing newsletter subscriber, Lee (from Brooklyn) emailed me the other day saying : “Hi James, Back in January, I took your advice and bought IIPR at $48.75.  Today, it hit $125.05.  What should I do?”

Lee was referring to the following quote from our January “…In Plain English” newsletter:  Another problem the pot industry faces is storage. For that you might want to research companies specializing in cannabis storage (Cough! IIPR Cough!).

I said to Lee:  Let’s do the math.

You bought 200 shares at $48.75 ($9,750) and it’s now worth over $25,000 In Just Over SIX MONTHS…and you’re asking me what to do?


You should strongly consider selling 100 shares and keeping the other hundred.


Selling 100 shares gives you $12,500 in your pocket.

That means you got all of your original money back plus a $2,750 profit.  And you still have 100 shares worth approximately $12,500…for free.

You have no downside because you have no skin in the game.

If the remaining 100 shares goes to ZERO you’ve still lost nothing.  But if it goes up, you’ll be glad you held on to the 100.


This is what we call a risk-free investment.

And they happen more than you think…especially for those with ears to hear.

Lee will be the first to tell you that his profit on only one stock was worth over 155 times more than the one-year subscription price.

This is why we’re constantly reminding you that our monthly newsletter subscribers get to see the big picture from behind the curtain on Wall Street.

You won’t really know how it benefits you until you give it a try…and we have four easy ways for you to find out.

Go ahead.  Follow the link:

You’ll thank us later (like Lee did).

P.S.  Don’t wait…we’re raising our prices soon.

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