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Bernie Madoff Was a Piker

Bernie Madoff was called a mastermind of the nation’s biggest investment fraud Ponzi Scheme.  But compared to Wall Street Banksters and DC politicians, Madoff was a piker.










a gambler who makes only small bets.



a person who withdraws from a commitment.



Madoff allegedly ripped off tens of thousands of people estimates as much as $65 billion.

A Piker to the End

And he was serving a 150-year prison sentence for his handiwork when he died in Federal prison on Wednesday.

Not surprisingly the Big Tech Presstitutes didn’t mention much of Madoff’s death.

And yet these same media whores previously crucified Madoff many months after the scandal broke.

They also covered his trial and conviction as if he was another O.J. Simpson.

Oh, Wait!

Simpson got away with murder.

Bernie simply stole lots of money from rich greedy people.

Why do I say greedy people?

It’s simple.

It took the feds decades to figure out that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme.

Once a Piker always a Piker

And for decades his clients NEVER suspected there was anything wrong about their accounts never losing money?

Meanwhile, Jamie Dimon, CEO JP Morgan very conveniently “turned the other cheek” when it came to Madoff running billions through his bank.

Ironically (or NOT) Dimon never suspected anything was wrong with how Madoff ran his business.

Did it have anything to do with JP Morgan’s profits?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Comparing DC Math to a Piker

Everyone talks about the losses of $65 Billion charged against Madoff but no one ever mentions how much money was recovered.


Let’s do some math.

Try comparing $65 Billion over three decades to any of the last “Stimulus Bills” – approximately $6 TRILLION in one year – and you come up with peanuts by comparison.

So, who are the real criminals here?

The guy who ripped off several thousand greedy investors.

Or our Congress Critters who’ve bilked over 300 Million citizens in the last year.

To paint a clear picture of how justice really works for the Uber-Wealthy read “You Would Go to Jail for This…” (HERE).

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