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Baltimore Bridge a Cyber-Attack?

Time to put on your Tin-Foil Hats for today’s rant about the Baltimore Bridge collapse being a Cyber Attack.


Let’s start with the facts from the NTSB release of Data on DALI’s Black Box.


  1. Reveals No CCTV Footage Found
  2. Sensors Cut Off and Turned Backed On
  3. Voice Recorder Disrupted By Background Noise



Sounds like something out of the Epstein suicide saga.


And, so far, Trump hasn’t been blamed.

But don’t be surprised if we see the following headline…







Instead, let us turn today’s rant over to our favorite Russian Ranter Boris FulofCrap.


Take it away Boris FoC…




James, the Baltimore bridge story will be just like sleepy Biden say (after 22 years) how nothing clear about 9/11.

And after two years over the Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage how nothing clear.

But only 12 hours after Moscow attack, he blames ISIS?

Boris laugh at stupidity…LOL!

Boris believes Baltimore bridge was brilliant, well-planned, strategic attack on most important supply chains in America.

Attack is catastrophic on critical infrastructure…a cyber-attack.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Boris does not believe in coincidences. None of this happens by chance.

And just like old Soviet Union, this happens by design.

Boris watch bridge video for many minutes.

And found meme by someone named Cat-Poop that explains it better than Boris.







Another reason for this being Cyber Attack has to do with new Obama movie Boris saw.

Obama movie “Leave the World Behind” (Boris calls it predictive programming) featured a container ship losing its power and crashes from “Cyber Attack.”

Boris ask again…Do You Believe in Coincidences?

And if you do believe Container ship hitting Baltimore bridge is coincidence then you should not complain when food price increase.

Many damages to supply chain come soon from this…and will be worse than when lockdowns happened.

One more thing.

Boris thinks Cyber Attack in Baltimore is distraction for black man Sean Combs (aka P-Diddy…can someone tell Boris what a P-Diddy is?) caught sex trafficking young girls and boys for Hollywood perverts.

And Boris find another meme explaining it with Austin Powers Characters.








Do you like Boris’ memes?

I will send more if you do.

In the meantime, Boris is buying more agricultural stock…and gold.

And I think you should tell your readers to do the same.




Many thanks, Boris.


And we do love your memes so keep sending them to us.


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They’ll thank YOU later.




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