April 14, 2024

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Atrocity Propaganda

Whenever and wherever you have war, you can expect to see atrocity propaganda from both sides.


And now that the Middle-East has become the global focus/distraction de jour, you should expect a multitude of atrocity propaganda.


Toss in the social media wanna be rock stars – with their “smart phone videos” stoking the fires of hatred – and you have a recipe for Hitleresque mania.


Cue up:  Beheading of Israeli babies.


Nothing stokes the fires of hatred more than the merciless killing of babies…However:


The Israeli government has not confirmed the specific claim that Hamas attackers cut off the heads of babies during their shock attack on Saturday, an Israeli official told CNN, contradicting a previous public statement by the Prime Minister’s office.



So, although the alleged beheading of babies may or may not be true, the thought of it is a classic example of Atrocity Propaganda.


And, BTW we’ve heard these stories before (Cough! Iraq Cough!)






Even our Resident Brandon said he’s seen “Confirmed Pictures” of Hamas beheading children.


As usual, the White House immediately clarified that it was not what he meant.


As a result, you should expect to see/hear about more atrocities in the coming months.


Ironically (or NOT) within 24 hours of the Hamas attacks on Israel we saw more media coverage than we’ve seen for the entire Ukraine proxy war.


And if you recall, Ukraine had their share of “atrocity propaganda” about dead bodies strewn across the wreckage of several cities – blaming the Russians, of course – which turned out to be a pack of lies.


As a result, the poor little pimp Zelensky is no longer the belle of the ball.

And not surprisingly, is now demanding more attention/Money from the West.



By-Product of Atrocity Propaganda


Zelensky is the perfect by-product of Atrocity Propaganda in that he cries the victim mentality to extort the West for his proxy war.

In the meantime, approximately 10 million Ukrainians have fled their nation over his proxy war.


And that’s in addition to the 500,000 + citizens and soldiers who have died in this senseless war…so far.


The point is that innocent victims ON BOTH SIDES of any war are the ones who suffer the most.

And it’s all because – as we are wont to say – “all wars are Bankster wars.”


READ: All Wars Are Bankster Wars  August 17, 2023 (HERE)


In the meantime, put on your seat belt for the inevitable roller coaster ride because we’re now (unofficially) in WW3.

And learn how to navigate the market’s madness in our October issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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They’ll thank YOU later.




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