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Arab Thugs Take Over Ritz Carlton

In an act of pure desperation, the heir apparent to the Saudi Kingdom, Prince Mohamed bin Salman (MbS) had all of his brothers, cousins, and assorted friends and relatives arrested on accusations of corruption.

Corruption among the Saudi’s?   LOL LOL LOL!

The horrific part is they’re confining them to the swanky Ritz Carlton in Riyadh.   LOL…You can’t make this stuff up.

On a more serious note, the Saudi Government is telling their captives they’ll be free to go when they “voluntarily donate” 70% of their wealth to the government.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the “not-so-corrupt” Saudi Government is targeting as much as $800 Billion (in donations, of course) from the disgruntled family outcasts.

Now that’s a serious sum of money.

In fact, it’s larger than the entire Saudi economy.

(That’s like the US government seizing over $22 Trillion of Americans wealth).

There are no trials or due process with the Saudis.  They’re just seizing and freezing assets right and left.

Can you say “Saudi princes are getting royally screwed?”  (no pun intended)

There’s an important lesson here:  desperate governments almost always resort to stealing from their citizens.

And if you think it can’t happen in America, then think again.

This is basically the same as the Civil Asset Forfeiture process in the land of the free.  (But that’s another story for another time)

But let’s go back to the implosion that’s taking place in the House of Saud.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is extorting these high profile “businessmen” (who’ve been extorting their citizens for the last 40+ years) for more reasons than the presstitutes are willing to report.

The economic impact of this Saudi back-stabbing is gonna hit you in your wallet.

Read more about it (HERE).

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