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Antifa, Hatred, and the Whores of Babylon

Sometimes it’s hard to determine which is worse:  The violence spewed by hatred groups like Antifa, the cities that “tolerate” violent behavior (Chicago comes to mind), or the presstitutes who stoke the fires of hatred.

These idiots don’t even know what they hate.  Nor do they know the strict definition of fascism.

And at this late stage of societal rot, they could care less, as long as they have an avenue to vent their spoiled brat frustrations.

I’m not trying to single out any cities (Cough! Portland…Cough! Berkeley) but it’s obvious when you see patterns developing.  Violent protestors continue to assault places where they aren’t confronted.

Eventually this leads to a perversion of statism in the affected areas.

That’s when things get ugly and even peaceful protests become dangerous.  (the “state” becomes the enemy of the people and makes up rules such as “wearing masks is a sign of guilt” allowing the “state” to enforce their own form of violence).

Just look how easy it is for statists to transform a peaceful protest into a terrorist threat:

1)  Fire a tear gas canister into the crowd.

2)  Watch while seconds later everyone is covering their faces…or as the   report will say; “masked” and the peaceful protestors become the victims.

It’s sad to say that this is a reality.

The irony is how peaceful protestors become victims of the hatred groups at the hands of the “fascists” the hatred groups protest against.

History is full of examples of how empires crumble when controlled violence is imposed on its citizens.

Learn how to protect yourself from it (HERE).


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